3 Things Burglars Don’t Want You to Know: Knowing how to stop break-ins isn’t hard and shouldn’t be an all-consuming mission either. Here are 3 things burglars don’t want you to know, including: knowing what to look for, revealing vacation plans and getting an alarm system.

Getting an Alarm System

In a survey of nearly 100 people convicted of burglary, around 60% said they’d skip a house if it looked like someone was home, such as if the lights were on, the radio was playing, or there was a car in the driveway. A smart home security system with smart outlets can help you achieve that occupied look. Some people said they’d knock to see if anyone was actually home. This is where a video doorbell with motion detection and two-way audio can come in handy. You can talk directly to the person on your doorstep to let them know they’ve been spotted. Source: Safewise

Knowing What to Look For

Even a half-witted burglar knows to check medicine bottles for those diamond earrings, and scour through the sock and underwear drawer for more valuables. But he just might not bother going into the children’s bedrooms.
Even though the sun’s beginning to set, you insist on keeping your blinds up or curtains open to milk what little daylight is left to lighten up the room. Meanwhile, a savvy burglar is strolling about the neighborhood, catching glimpses through windows that he can see through because it’s dusk (let alone night time). This way he can pick easy looking targets or ones with visible valuables. Source:Huffingtonpost

Revealing Vacation Plans

Never reveal your vacation or business tip plans on your Facebook page. Don’t assume nobody could figure out your address just because it’s not on your page.
No errand is too short to leave the alarm system turned off. A burglar can invade your home and steal your valuables in a lot less time than it takes you to run the shortest errand. Products that you don’t have to arm, like the Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt with a built-in alarm feature, can also help out when only stepping out for a short amount of time. Source: Robertsiciliano

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